Congressional Hearing

107th Congress, 2nd Session Washington, D.C Should the United States do more to help U.S. citizens held against their will in Saudi Arabia? June 12, 2002.Saudi Hearing - Pat Roush
Read the heart touching testimonies of mothers and grandmothers whose children have been illegally abducted from their custody by Saudi nationals, while the State Department stands by and does little to nothing to help them. Read this and cry!

Congressional Hearing: Should the United States do more to help U.S. citizens held against their will in Saudi Arabia?

The State Department has provided the House Reform Committee with a list of 46 recent cases involving as many as 92 U.S. citizens who have been held against their will in Saudi Arabia (Case Summaries PDF 1,201K), with the full blessing of the Saudi government and often in violation of U.S. law. The basic cause of this problem is Saudi law, which prohibits the wives or children of a Saudi man from leaving Saudi Arabia without his written permission. The U.S. government, however, has refrained from holding the Saudi government responsible for these detentions and has failed to treat the detention of innocent U.S. citizens is an affront not merely to those detained, but also to the people of the United States.

Developments since the June 12th Hearing

Letter to Saudi Foreign Minister (PDF)
Chairman Burton sent a letter to the Saudi Foreign Minister seeking to speak to him about the Americans being held in Saudi Arabia.

Letter to President Bush (PDF)
Following the Congressional hearing on June 12th, 2002 on the plight of American women and children trapped in Saudi Arabia, Committee Members signed a letter to President Bush, urging him to come to the defense of these innocent citizens.The letter asked the President to personally encourage Crown Prince Abdullah “in the strongest terms” to resolve the cases of Patricia Roush, Monica Stowers, and others.

2nd Letter to President Bush
13 Members signed another letter to President Bush requesting that he direct the State Department to withhold visas from the Saudi kidnappers and their families who wish to travel to the United States.