Patricia Roush’s “At Any Price”

Patrica Roush's At Any Price

Patricia Roush's At Any Price“Mrs. Roush, your government doesn’t want you, and your state department will not help you. You will see your children if and when we decide.” 

So stated a treacherous Saudi mediator in Pat Roush’s battle to bring her children, born of a disturbed Saudi father, back to America. Her own country’s submission to Saudi law, freely denying American citizens of their children, drove Pat to uncover a conspiracy of evil between two world powers. Bitter conflict between a mother’s love and a Saudi-friendly government has led to years of double cross, vile political manipulation, and con games. All the while Pat’s daughters have believed, as they were told, “Allah will kill my whole family if I leave.” 

The immoral and abusive arrangement that has kept mothers from their children has continued with the cooperation of officials put into office by good American citizens. Pat’s is not an isolated story of systematic brutality, nor is her documented account of political malpractice. 

Inspiring, torturous, frightening, and hopeful - At Any Price rivets the reader to the fiery tale of an American citizen’s fight for her children’s liberation. After reading Pat’s story, you will never view “the land of the free and the home of the brave” the same way again.


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